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Teen Issues


"God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear."
Psalm 46:1


We Care About Helping You

If you are alone and feel that there is no one to turn to, or no one to listen and advise, just stop for a moment, lift your heart heavenward, and know that God is with you. Remember we are in the midst of a war between the Super Powers of Good and Evil, and if we haven't found the simple secret of allying ourselves with the Super Power of Good, we are under attack by the Power of Evil. Go through the first four articles to build you unwavering trust in God to work out the details of your particular crisis:


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Are You a Pregnancy Waiting to Happen?

Eating Disorders - Facts for Teens

Family First Aid - Help for Teens

Family Meals Curb Teen Eating Disorders 

Dealing With the Many Issues Teens Face

Be a Teen - Articles

Teen Health Issues

Teen Help and Issues

Teens with Troubles

Teen Vision Issues

Warning Signs for Suicide in Teens

Overcoming Addiction to Porn as a Teenager

Teen Dating Issues - Q&A's

Practical Ways to Deal With Loneliness

Alone But Never Lonely

Teen Abstinence 

Have You Ever Been Alone With God?

The Growth We Experience When Alone

The Culprit Behind Every Crisis

Creator Awareness bring Miracles!

Teen Suicide

How Long Must I Wait for God?

Is Prayer As Effective as Dialing 911?

How to Control Negative Thoughts


Daddy's Secret Addiction

Teenage Drinking 

Kids, Teens and Money 

What is Intimacy? 

Do You Think I'm, Beautiful?

Your Guide to Heaven


Dead End Dilemmas





Teen Issues


Videos -

Featured Teen Videos



Child Abuse HOTLINE

Crisis Runaway HOTLINE

Sexual Assault HOTLINE

Domestic Violence HOTLINE

National Runaway & Suicide HOTLINE

Eating Disorders HELPLINE

Child Abuse

Youth Today Resources

Additional Teen Solution  Resources

National Network for Youth

Parents and Teenagers

Project SOS

Sex Before Marriage

Questions on Sex and Pregnancy

Troubled Teen 101

Child and Family Web Guide

Reason for Change

Teen Mom Finds Hope

Drug Addiction

Team Challenge Offers Help

Parent Teen Guide

Teen Drug Interventions

Intervention for Defiant Teens

Blogs on Teen Issues

All About Teens - Blogs

Troubled Teen Help

A Key 2 Abstinence

Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse 

Rape Abuse Incest

Prevent Child Sex Abuse

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers


Teen Drinking and Driving

Teens - Drinking and Driving 

Drunk Driving and Speeding 

Dana's Story 

Recuing Children From Prostitution

Grief Counseling for Children and Families

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Self Injury/Self Abuse

Eating Disorders



How to Find God

How Great is Our God - Part 1

How Great is Our God - Part 2

How Great is Our God - Part 3

How Great is Our God - Part 4

How Great is Our God - Part 5

I Love You - God 

Cry Out to Jesus

Drinking and Driving - An Apology 

Broken Open

Turn Your Eyes

Alcoholism - nicole kidman 

Bilimia - catherine zeta-jones 

Depression - kate hudson

Self Injury - demi moore

Self Esteem -jennifer lopez

Anorexia - julianne moore

Abuse - halle berry

Drugs - sarah jessica-parker

He Never Sleeps

Jesus You are My Healer

Like Eagles

God Will Make a Way

God is Good

We Wait

Wonderful Magnificient God




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