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"God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear."
Psalm 46:1


We Care About Helping You 

If you are alone and feel that there is no one to turn to, or no one to listen and advise, just stop for a moment, lift your heart heavenward, and know that God is with you. Remember we are in the midst of a war between the Super Powers of Good and Evil, and if we haven't found the simple secret of allying ourselves with the Super Power of Good, we are under attack by the Power of Evil. Go through the first four articles to build you unwavering trust in God to work out the details of your particular crisis:


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Lost in Sin?

Don't Look for Applause

Remedy for Insanity

Selfless Submission

The Garment Spotted by the Flesh

How Many Shall be Saved?

Father Forgive Them

Living With Hope

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Silken Cords of Affection

To Yield or Not to Yield

The Incomprehendible Mystery

God's Perfect and Permissive Will

Tormented to a Sound Mind

The Remedy for Gossip

Oil in Their Vessels

Internet Headquarters of the Universe

Walking With the Godhead

The Theatre of His Grace

Do You Have a Spiritual Appetite?

Don't Underestimate Your Potential

Regarded as Sinless

The Balm of Gilead - Socially

The Three Angels Messages, Third Angel

The Loud Cry

Why Jesus Hasn't Come Back Yet



Sermons by Jim Cymbala

Dead End Dilemmas

Sermon: What is the Gospel?

Sermon Archives - Derek Morris

Dwight Nelson Podcasts

Amazing Facts Podcasts

Friday Night Live Archives

It is Written Archives

It is Written Podcasts

Most Amazing Prophecies

More Amazing Facts Podcasts

Ever Lasting Gospel

The Prophecy Code

God's Perfect and Permissive Will

How Do We Forgive Others?

Various Audio Sermons

The Three Angels Message Series



CD Series -

Blessings Beyond Belief

Experience Grace

New Direction Ahead for Life Change

Out of Bondage

Out of Bondage 2

Questions about Church Answered

Spiritual Warfare

Together Surviving the Storm

Ultimate Faith


Amazing Facts TV

It is Written TV Program Overview


Divine Service Sermons

Prayer Meeting Sermonettes

Selection of Sermons


How to Find God

He Never Sleeps

Jesus You are My Healer

Like Eagles


God Will Make a Way

God is Good


That's My King

Total Forgiveness

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