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Getting to Know God


"God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear."
Psalm 46:1


We Care About Helping You 

If you are alone and feel that there is no one to turn to, or no one to listen and advise, just stop for a moment, lift your heart heavenward, and know that God is with you. Remember we are in the midst of a war between the Super Powers of Good and Evil, and if we haven't found the simple secret of allying ourselves with the Super Power of Good, we are under attack by the Power of Evil. Go through the first four articles to build you unwavering trust in God to work out the details of your particular crisis:


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Getting to Know God

Who is God?

Does God Really Exist?

How Can I Get to Know God?

Can the Bible be Trusted as God's Word?

Look Up

Lost in Sin?

Forgiveness - Is it Necessary?

No Hope?

Unforgiveness: Spiritual Poison

The Big Decision 

Have You Ever Been Alone With God?

Two Kinds of Truth

Jesus and Feminism

What Does Jesus Offer Us?

Difference Between Jesus and World Religions

Judiasm and Jesus

Islam and Jesus

The Growth We Experience When Alone

God's Love Towards a Radical  Muslim

My Experience as a Hindu Guru

Psychics and Their Tarot Readings

The Culprit Behind Every Crisis

An Astrologist Story

God is an Elephant?

Creator Awareness brings Miracles!

Knowing God Personally - The Source of a Changed Life 

The Drummer Boy's Prayer

Is There A God? 

Connecting With the Divine

Why You Can Believe the Bible

True Confession

Which Jesus is the Real One?

The Truth About Jesus

How Long Must I Wait for God?

Is Prayer As Effective as Dialing 911?

Beyond Blind Faith

Why the Disciples Refused to keep Silent

How to Control Negative Thoughts

Is God in My Life Now?

Does God Answer Prayer?

Lets Give the Dream New Life

Regardless of Race or Color 

A Prayer for White Folks

Do You Think I'm, Beautiful?

Amazing Facts Articles

The Star of Bethlehem

Your Guide to Heaven



Dead End Dilemmas

Audio Sermons

How Do We Forgive Others?

Rejoice Radio





CD's -

Blessings Beyond Belief

Experience Grace

New Direction for Life Change



It Is Written Resources



Bible Info

It is Written Podcasts  


Breath of Life Current BroadCast




How to Find God

Your Love Oh Lord

That's My King

Personal Stories

With All I Am


Yes I Know

Father of the Fatherless

Agnus Dei

The Love of God


Gods Love for You

Just Stop and Think!

God's Love John 3:16

The Beauty of Grace

God's Amazing Grace  

How Great is Our God - Part 1

How Great is Our God - Part 2

How Great is Our God - Part 3

How Great is Our God - Part 4

How Great is Our God - Part 5

The Love of God - Isaacs

Amazing Love

Cry Out to Jesus

God's Mercy -Mother Theresa

Indescribable - Part 1

Indescribable - Part 2

Indescribable - Part 3

Indescribable - Part 4

Indescribable - Part 5

He Never Sleeps

Jesus You are My Healer

Like Eagles

God Will Make a Way

God is Good

The Passion of The Christ

Total Forgiveness

If That Isn't Love

I Bless Your Name

He Takes Care of Me


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