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Financial Problems

"God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear." Psalm 46:1 

 We Care About Helping You

If you are alone and feel that there is no one to turn to, or no one to listen and advise, just stop for a moment, lift your heart heavenward, and know that God is with you. Remember we are in the midst of a war between the Super Powers of Good and Evil, and if we haven't found the simple secret of allying ourselves with the Super Power of Good, we are under attack by the Power of Evil. Go through the first four articles to build you unwavering trust in God to work out the details of your particular crisis:


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Family Budgeting

Need for a Spending Plan

Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

Reducing Auto Expenses

Avoiding Get-Rich-Quick Schemes 

Basic Business Mimimums 

Credit Scores

Tips for Finding a Job

Thriving During Job Loss

Job Loss? 7 Tips

Foreclosure? There's Hope!

Facing Foreclosure

How to Deal With the Financial Side of a Layoff

The Right Attitude

Facing the Risk of Foreclosure

Job Loss and Depression

How Long Must I Wait for God?

Economic Insecurity?

Is Prayer As Effective as Dialing 911?

How to Control Negative Thoughts

In Trouble?

Needing Wisdom?

Making Career Decisions


Finding Financial Freedom 

Living on Less

How to Get Out of Debt

Retirement Planning

Borrowing & Lending

Biblical Principles of Borrowing

10 Questions Concerning Borrowing

Saving on Insurance 

Simplifying Our Life

7 Baby Steps

Gazelle Budget

Bankrupcy Myths & Truths

Do You Think I'm, Beautiful?

Your Guide to Heaven


Dead End Dilemmas

Day by Day

Managing Divine Means




Books -

Debt Free Living

How to Manage Your Money


Other Links -

La Red Resources

Dave Ramsey Resources

Crown Financial Ministries Resources

La Red Training



Debt Counseling

Budget Tools

Setting up a Budget

Crown Financial Ministries

Spending Plan Calculator

Free Debt Help

Will Planning Kit

How to Qualify for Food Stamps

Crown Money Map

Financial Calculators

Resources for Couples

Crown Financial Ministries - Articles

Business Article Links

Free Credit Report

Investment Quiz

Dave Ramsey's Investment Strategy

Dave Ramsey Live

Crisis Counseling 

Identity Theft Protection

Term Life Insurance

Health Insurance Providers

Be Safe Online

Dave Ramsey

Wise Principles

La Red Links

Christian Jobs

Protect Your Identity

IRS Tax Problems

Reverse Mortgages

Clark Howard Advice



Give Me Words to Speak

How to Come to God

I will Carry You

How Great is Our God - Part 1

How Great is Our God - Part 2

How Great is Our God - Part 3

How Great is Our God - Part 4

How Great is Our God - Part 5

I Love You - God

Cry Out to Jesus

Turn Your Eyes

More Than Enough

He Never Sleeps

Jesus You are My Healer

Like Eagles

God Will Make a Way

God is Good

We Wait

Wonderful Magnificient God

Through The Fire

He'll Make a Way




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