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Emotional Issues


"God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear."
Psalm 46:1


We Care About Helping You 

If you are alone and feel that there is no one to turn to, or no one to listen and advise, just stop for a moment, lift your heart heavenward, and know that God is with you. Remember we are in the midst of a war between the Super Powers of Good and Evil, and if we haven't found the simple secret of allying ourselves with the Super Power of Good, we are under attack by the Power of Evil. Go through the first four articles to build you unwavering trust in God to work out the details of your particular crisis:



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Healing God's Way!

Forgiveness - Is it Necessary?

The Beginning of Bitterness 

The Gift of Forgiveness

Extending Forgiveness

Emotional Healing. Want Some? 

Pillars to Inner Healing

Painful Memories Still Hurt You?

Have you Totally Forgiven? How Do You Know? 

Unforgiveness: Spiritual Poison

Healing Broken Memories

Healing Emotional Wounds

Healing Hurt

Inner Healing

Inner Healing 101

Steps to Receive Emotional Healing

The Wounded Heart

Emotional Healing Difficult?

The Healing of Emotional Wounds

Letting Go of Your Past

Be Anxious For Nothing

How to Handle Negative Feelings

What to do with our feelings?

God Can Heal Brokenness

Overcoming Rejection

Defence Mechanisms and Inner Healing

Defeating the Powers of Darkness

You are What you Think

What is Mental Illness?

Is Mental Illness Caused by Demons?

Are You a Co-Dependant?

Do You Have a Codependent Personality?

Emotional Issues Affecting Relationships 

Could it be BPD?

Borderline Personality Disorder

How the Relationship with a BPD Person Evolves

When The "Love Thing" is Gone

More on BPD

How to Help the Borderline

The 5 Stages of Discovery

Is He/She Borderline?

Is Your BPD Serious About Therapy?

Symtoms of BPD - Rage? 

BPD - Finding Answers

How to Support a Person with BPD 

Supporters of BPD Spouses

Dilectical Behavior Therapy

Dealing With the Borderline in Your Life

Tami Green's Articles on BPD

Patty Fleener BPD Articles

Anxiety - What do you know

What is ADD/ADHD?

How to Control Negative Thoughts

Do You Have an Anger Problem?

Managing Anger

Controlling Anger Before it Controls You

Walking on Eggshells

Walking on Eggshells 2

Let's Talk Facts About Depression

What is My Worth?

Prescriptions for a Poor Self Image

What to do with Fear


Defeating Guilt and Shame


Being Stress Free Amid Strife

Bipolar Disorder

What is Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Do you suffer from Panic Disorder?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissists -How We Get Hooked

Living With a Narcissist

7 Myths of Narcissism

Narcissistic Epidemic

Eating Disorders


What is Mental Illness

Anxiety Disorder

Schizotypal Disorder

Paranoid Disorder

Dependant Disorder

Avoidant Disorder - Symtoms

Histrionic Disorder - Symtoms


Panic Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress 

Karpman Drama Triangle 

God's Formula For HEALING!

Do You Think I'm, Beautiful?

Signs of Victimhood

A Healthy Perspective

When People Hurt You

Emotional Health Inventory

Tormented to a Sound Mind

Your Guide to Heaven


Dead End Dilemmas

Day by Day

How Do We Forgive Others?

Healing Past Wounds



CD Series -

Overcoming Emotions that Destroy

How to Overcome the Pain From Your Past



Books -


For Bi-Polar Disorder

For Eating disorders

For Psychotic Disorders

Emotions - Can You Trust Them?

Freedom From the Grip of Fear

Make Anger Your Ally

Making Peace With Your Past

Redeeming the Past

Taming Your Tigers

The Art of Forgiving

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

Tears & Healing

BPD Books

Total Forgiveness






Personality Disorder Online Test

BPD Articles

More BPD Articles

Resource Links for BPD

Christian Counseling Services

Professional Counselors Online

Austen Riggs Treatment Center

Gunderson Residence Treatment

Renewal: Treatment & Recovery 

Whole Person Counseling

Theophostic Counseling

Center for Women with BPD

Support Group for BPDF

BPD Family Resources &

Free Online Cognitive Therapy Program  

How  To Find Healing God's Way!

Self Esteem Test

Why Women Are Attracted to the Wrong Guys

How Do You Deal With Difficult Emotions?

Self Test for BPD

Overcoming Self Injury and BPD: A Young Man's Story

Anger Management 

SLS Residential Treatment Center 

Life Skills Treatment Center 

DBT Skills Test

Resource List for DBT Providers

Q&A from a BPD Expert 

BPD and Emotions 

Tami Green's Videos

BPD Sucess Blog

Self Tests for Personality Disorders 

SLS Self Help Tests

Online Therapy

Patricia Jones Telephone Counseling

Personality Disorder Self Test

Anxiety Screening Test 

The Beginning of Bitterness 

Narcissism Resources

Sign up for Lynne Forrest Victim Newsletter

OCD Treatment

From Brokenness to Wholeness

The Four Bases of Brokenness 


Give Me Words to Speak

How to Come to God

I will Carry You

How Great is Our God - Part 1

How Great is Our God - Part 2

How Great is Our God - Part 3

How Great is Our God - Part 4

How Great is Our God - Part 5

I Love You - God

Cry Out to Jesus

He Touched Me

Turn Your Eyes

Bilimia - catherine zeta-jones

Anorexia - Julianne moore

Self Injury - demi moore

Depression - kate hudson

Self Esteem - jennnifer lopez

Broken Open

Healing Rain 

God's Love Letter

More Than Enough

He Never Sleeps

Jesus You are My Healer

Like Eagles

God Will Make a Way

God is Good

We Wait

Wonderful Magnificient God

Through The Fire

He'll Make a Way

Total Forgiveness

Prayer for Total Forgiveness

Self Help for Narcissim - by a Narcissist

BPD/NPD Symptoms & Treatment

How I Deal With Paranoia

Forgivessness and the Freedom of Letting go

Healing Emotional Wounds

Letting Go of the Past Hurt

Prayer for Emotional Healing

Answers for Hopelessness

Answers for Anxiety

Answers for Brokenness

Answers for Guilt

Answers for Emptiness

Answers for Insignificance



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